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Live Seminar 2016

Our Live Seminar 2016 is ahead. From June 24th till June 26th we will conduct our Live Seminar near Frankfurt / Germany. In case you are interested to join our live training, please contact us under info@flieger-club.eu.

For last year impressions, please view our   Galleryof the best Pictures from 2015 event

Our Live Seminar is available for Club Members and visitors. We start our training weekend at Friday, June 24th with a Meet & Greet with Michael Sazhin. Saturday we conduct a full day training with lots of sessions and different speaker. For Sunday we plan to have a hike with parrots, as long the weather support out door activities.

Aviator Club

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We train good behaivor and social skill in the Aviator - Club. We dont care about sorting colored bricks, but believe in clear education and raising of parrots to ensure good relation between Owner and parrot.


Regio Clubs

Check In

You will find other parrot owner by use of our Map to the Regio Clubs. With your registration you may find other parrots in your town and be found from other interested people. We support you and your comunity




Online Registration

Your registration to the Aviator Club could never be easier. Just follow the link and fill the form of the registration. We will contact you shortly.



Star Alliance

The Aviator Club is financed by different companies and vetenarians. You will find here our partner and see the savings by use of the Aviator Club itenfification card.




You may receive membership to the Aviator Club if your Parrot is Aviator used or you like to learn such. We train in different training classes and provide training instructions to all levels.
The Video above shows a sumary of training flights at our training weekend in Germany by 18. Juli 2015. Naturally we all need to learn and get better with each training, but we dont leave people behind and reach our goal in teamwork.